The Black Seeds – Vector Arena, Auckland – 09/09/14

It’s Microsoft TechEd again. It’s that time when several thousand (almost exclusively male) developers, programmers, engineers, analysts, administrators and everything in between converge on Sky City for a week of nerdiness and a whole lot of food and beer. And a band or two. This year, the end-of-conference party is at the start. This year, the party is at Vector Arena. And this year, the house band is The Black Seeds.

I didn’t find out who would be playing until the last minute this year, so I was unable to familiarise myself with a few hastily ‘procured’ songs ahead of time. No matter, it’s The Black Seeds, it’s roots right? Everybody like a lickle bit a roots, right? I know absolutely fuck all about The Black Seeds except that the little one out of Flight Of The Conchords used to be in them. And they are a reggae / dub / soul type of an outfit with many members.


Indeed, there are about a fifty of them on stage, including a 3 part horn section and the usual other stuff. They are slick. I’m not paying that much attention because I’m slouched on a comfortable leather couch at the side of the main arena supping free beer. Extremely good free beer, as it happens. Normally one expects Steinlager and Speights when it’s free, but Microsoft have pushed the boat out and commissioned a batch of very tasty craft beer from the Epic brewery, weighing in at no less than 6.7%. What were they thinking? After a handful of these I deem it prudent to switch to the relative safety of Heineken. Anyway, I digress. Oh yeah, The Black Seeds are slick. Very slick. It’s not really my cup of char like, but it’s a nice enough noise. Very danceable, great grooves and lively with it. Probably (for me at least) better viewed from a sitting position on a grassy bank at an outdoor event but I didn’t pay for it so, hey…


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