The Wiggles – 08/04/10 – Regent Theatre, Dunedin

The Wiggles Apr 2010
Murray, King of Rock'n'Roll

Now, if I were to say I were looking forward to this gig almost as much as I had been to AC/DC I would be lying. Not a barefaced lie though – I was actually really very keen to see them indeed, purely because my daughter Amelie was such a massive fan, and I just wanted to see her little face light up when they came out on stage for the first time. Our seats were almost at the front (in the ‘Hot Potato Zone’, no less)  – kudos to the wife for this one though, as she had queued up outside the theatre for almost an hour when they went on sale (unfortunately for her, Tom Jones tickets went on sale at the same time, so the line was somewhat longer than it should have been). It was one of the few times I’ve been in the Regent Theatre when it was anything approaching full, and the atmosphere created by a thousand pre-schoolers is electric. No, actually that’s bollocks, sorry, got carried away. Taking a toddler to a gig is a somewhat tricky experience – you can’t just head straight for the bar, and you can’t even really head straight for your seats otherwise said toddler will have breached the boredom threshold long before the house lights go down. Timing is everything. And chocolate for bribery.

Anyway, the house lights did eventually go down, and the excited buzz of the crowd rose to a crescendo of anticipatory screaming. Sorry,  carried away again – old habits die hard, you see. The stage is done up in a circus theme, and as the ringmaster starts the introduction, I turn to face my daughter, to watch her little face. Then in an instant, all four of her heroes are on the stage, right there in the flesh, in the same room as her, just twenty feet away. Does she register? Nothing. Not a flicker of excitement, zip, nada. Hang on child, that’s The Wiggles right there – the real live Wiggles, not images on a TV screen or in a book. Amelie? Nope, nothing. Gah.

Anyway, she must have enjoyed it, because even though she remained firmly ensconced on my lap, holding onto me for dear life, it seemed, she stared transfixed at the stage for the entire hour. They rattled off all her favourites and I have to say it was a very slick show – lots of costume changes and troupes of dancers and trapezes and tumblers and the like. I’d rather be watching Metallica though…

The Wiggles ticket Apr 2010


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