The Datsuns + An Emerald City – 24/04/09 – Sammy’s, Dunedin

Datsuns Dolf Apr 2009
Dolf Datsun, head harmonic generator

Embarrassing. Not the band, they were fucking brilliant, as always. It was embarrassing to be part of the pathetic 50 strong crowd that could be arsed to leave the comfort of their armchairs and get down to Sammy’s. Dunedin really winds me up sometimes – people just don’t go to stuff. I doubt very much if The Datsuns would want to come back to play in front of 50 people again. Hats off to them though, they played a blistering set promoting ‘Headstunts’, with a very creditable amount of enthusiasm and effort, considering. They just get better each time I see them – still pull out the old faves like Harmonic Generator and Motherfucker From Hell, and the new tracks like Eye Of The Needle and Highschool Hoodlums are pretty much up there too. Great gig, bloody Dunedin. Grr.

Datsuns ticket Apr 2009


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