The Mint Chicks – Refuel, Dunedin – 20/10/07

Refuel is the dingy little bar in the Uni. Of Otago Student Union. It’s tiny, sweaty, and fairly obviously, the drinks are very cheap. Yay! However, this was possibly the loudest and most unpleasant noise I’ve ever heard, with the possible exception of the time I went in an MRI machine. It’s not because I’m getting old and my ears don’t work properly any more. I’ve heard some pretty loud stuff coming out of some pretty large speakers in my time, and I know a bad sound when I hear one. The guy on the sound desk had just pushed all the sliders up to 11 and fucked off to the bar. The acoustics in the cramped sweaty little bar probably didn’t help, but it was just tooooooooooo loud. I was wearing ear plugs, but it was still impossible to pick anything out. I really struggled to recognize anything. Shitty ‘Shit’ McShit.

They took my ticket off me and wouldn't give it back :-(


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