The Exponents + The D4 – 20/02/06 – Sammy’s, Dunedin

I was really there to see the D4, who had broken through in the UK around the same time as The Datsuns, playing the same sort of stuff, but a bit harder and faster. I had one album, knew a few tunes and was consequently well up for it, seeing as I knew only a few Exponents songs and wasn’t overly fond of them. Imagine my dismay then, when we walk into Sammy’s to hear the last half of the last D4 song. Too long in the pub – all the people we were with were only interested in the main act, and I didn’t really put across my case to leave the pub strongly enough. Ho hum.

The Exponents Feb 2006
You can't tell how bad they are just by looking

The Exponents are a Kiwi institution, and they have a lot of shouty singalong songs which everyone knows all the words to. The atmosphere was grand, but the band was pretty rubbish to be honest – just a bunch of pissed blokes shouting and lurching. I’m sure they were great if you grew up with their music, like 99% of the crowd evidently did, but it all went a bit over my head it did. Arse out of ten.

They took my ticket off me and wouldn't give it back :-(


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