Scissor Sisters + Sneaky Sound System – 03/02/07 – Brisbane Riverstage

Scissor Sisters Feb 2007
Some Scissor Sisters

Actually a surprise gig organized by the missus. Well, a surprise trip to Brisbane anyway, and thought we’d catch The Scissor Sisters as we happened to be there. Fantastic venue, a natural amphitheatre on the banks of the Brisbane River. Fucking hot too, it being Australia and summer and all. Distinctly average support (wasn’t paying that much attention anyway) and distinctly disappointing from the Scissor Sisters I’m afraid. It had worked so well in the relative intimacy of the Brixton Academy a couple of years previously, but it they didn’t really cut it on the big stage, not to mention the fact that the ‘difficult second album’ (Ta-Dah) had clearly proved very difficult indeed, and was, not to put too finer point on it, crap. Jake Shears and Anamatronic are still good to watch, and the good couple or three tracks off the first album were good, not a lot else.

Scissor Sisters ticket Feb 2007


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