The Bravery + Hard-Fi – 01/03/05 – Koko, Camden

The Bravery ticket Mar 2005Hadn’t been to Koko since the early 90s when it was the Camden Palace. It was all matt black and very seedy back then, but it had been lovingly restored, at great expense, to a real vaudeville music hall, replete with gold sconces and red velvet drapes all over the shop. Very camp but a nice little theatre. The crowd was very young and very trendy (this is occurring more and more) and annoyingly short on gig etiquette. I’m tall, you’re short. I’m in front of you, you move to the side.

First up were Hard Fi – noisy and full of attitude but not particularly memorable. I think they got reasonably popular a while later, but nothing special, really. So, how would The Bravery have progressed in the months since I first saw them? Turns out they’d come on leaps and bounds – they played a very polished set including most of the eponymous first album, and one cover (can’t remember whose). They’ll never write a better song than ‘Honest Mistake’ but there are a decent handful on there that come quite close. Highlight of the gig was actually seeing electro-deity Gary Numan standing at the back of the hall, watching intently what the youngsters on the stage were doing with his synth sounds. He is really quite diddy in real life.


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