The Bravery – 25/11/04 – The Bunker Club, London

First exposure to The Bravey was their performance of ‘Honest Mistake’ on Jools Holland a few weeks earlier. There followed a period of hype from the record company, releasing singles in frustratingly small quantities (75% of which went straight on eBay), and playing very small, exclusive venues. Somehow, and I really don’t remember how, I ended up queuing outside a small record store off Tottenham Court Rd at 9pm for tickets to a show later that night. I was, shall we say, several years older than anyone else there.

The Bravery ticket Nov 2004

Tickets successfully obtained, I sloped off to the pub for last orders, and then down to a tiny club in north Soho. The smallest venue I’d ever been in, by a magnitude of several. I think they came on about midnight, and man were they worth the wait. Like The Killers before them, they were an American band trying to crack the UK as a way into their home market, and they were clearly not going to be playing venues this size for very long. The stage was a foot high, and even the people at the back of the room were only about twenty feet away, it was what you would call intimate. They look all wrong, as if they can’t decide if they want to be mods or rockers, but they sound good and they go about their business with real energy.

It’s 80s revival rock, nothing more and nothing less, as though Duran and Ultravox had a love child that was raised by The Strokes but oh my crikey they do it very well. They played for an hour or so, most of their set was high-energy stuff like ‘Honest Mistake’ and ‘Unconditional’ and all original as far as I could work out. Seeing as though this was their second gig of the night, and they were drinking champagne out of the bottle by the end, they did damn well to put on such a good show. They were far better than the Killers, who for some reason would go on to be mahoosive.


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