New Model Army – 17/12/04 – Astoria, London

New Model Army ticket Dec 2004Something of a pre-Christmas tradition now, but unfortunately because it was a Friday, they kicked off early (to make way for G.A.Y. later on that night), so we missed the first 20 mins or so. Fuck. Grr. Anyway, Astoria was as packed as I’ve seen it so by the time I’d managed to attract a barman’s attention, complete a lager-related transaction and head in towards the middle, another couple of songs had been played. The set contained a lot more recent stuff than the last couple of times I’d seen them – the usual old favourites were in there though – ‘Vengeance’,’51st State’, ‘Poison Street’ and more, but the highlight was a balefully poignant ‘Green And Grey’, dedicated to Rob Heaton, the writer and former drummer who had died of cancer only a couple of weeks earlier. Tragic.


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