Kreator + Dark Tranquility + Ektomorph + Hatesphere – 16/02/05 – Underworld, Camden

Kreator ticket Feb 2005Missed Hatesphere, Ektomorph were loud and fast and probably German. That’s all I remember. Dark Tranquility I had heard of, but I knew nothing about them at all. Scandinavian sounding, very competent thrash with a great guitarist and not too gruff sounding vocalist. Wasn’t really there to discover new bands though, this was all about Kreator. They were one of my favourite thrash acts from back in the day, but I hadn’t really heard them since 1989’s ‘Extreme Aggression’. So, in advance of the gig I ‘acquired’ a copy of the latest album, ‘Enemy Of God’ which turned out to be magic. Mille and Ventor are the only originals, but they’ve enlisted the services of a real shredder on lead guitar, proper Yngwie Malmsteen style fret-wanking. The gig had originally been scheduled for the Electric Ballroom, but was moved downstairs into the Underworld due to poor ticket sales. That was only half full in the end too, which was a bit Spinal Tap. They were above the puppet show on the bill, at least.

Kreator Feb 2005
You can tell it's loud, just by looking

They came on stage to quite a muted reception (this may be bullshit though, as it was around this time that I started wearing ear-plugs to gigs, to prevent the tinnitus getting any worse. Everything sounds muted when you have two plugs of dense foam in your ear canals), and opened up with ‘Enemy Of God’. Halfway through the song, some utter bell-end throws a fairly full can of Stella at Mille, and it hits him square in the face. To say he looked shocked and disgusted it to put it mildly, but fair play to him, he shrugged it off and carried on as if nothing had happened. To be honest, I wouldn’t have been that surprised if he’d called the whole thing off there and then. I mean, what sort of twat does that? If you don’t like the band, don’t go see them. If you do like the band, don’t throw shit at them. Anyway, it didn’t seem to faze him. They proceeded to bash out a blistering set though – all the ones I wanted to hear came out, ‘Flag Of Hate’, ‘Endless Pain’, ‘Pleasure To Kill’, and my all time favourite , ‘Extreme Aggression’. Mille is a bit of a tool himself though, and plonking Yngwie Malmsteen’s younger brother on stage next to him merely serves to highlight what an average soloist he is. Mille is firmly of the ‘cram as many notes in as possible, by the law of averages, some of them will be right’ school of widdly solos.

Kreator Feb 2005
Mille Petrozza

I found it hard not to snigger at his strong German accent as he implored us to ‘make zum fackink noise, mazzerfackers’. Great, great gig, shame that they don’t have the pulling power they once did…


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