Faithless + Mylo – 18/12/04 – Brixton Academy

Not a huge fan of Faithless on record, they’re a little souly for my liking but I had heard great things about their live performances, so thought it would be worth a punt. First though, a brand new band from north of the border, Mylo. Two guys and a couple of banks of synths and some seriously kickass dance music. Lots of samples, really old skool stuff, and not a duff track in sight. The one with the opening bar of ‘Betty Davis Eyes’  was a particular hit with me, my friends, and the 4000 other Academy punters. Well worth further investigation.

Faithless ticket Dec 2004

Faithless really know how to get a crowd going. They started off at a fairly mellow pace and moved up through the gears to a blistering crescendo that had the entire place on its feet (we were upstairs and supposed to be sitting down – the bouncers gave up trying after 3 or 4 songs). Maxi Jazz is the most unlikely frontman for a band that kicks out such bangin’ choonz. He looks like Scatman Crothers (Turkle in …Cuckoo’s Nest) on smack, wearing a zoot suit that is clearly three sizes too large for him but he was awesome – from start to finish he had the crowd in the palm of his hands. I don’t remember who else was on stage with him, he was pretty much the only part that mattered. They did (obviously) ‘God Is A DJ’, ’Insomnia’ and a few others that I didn’t realise I knew. Fantastic, the best atmosphere I think I would ever experience in the Academy.


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