The Finn Brothers – 05/11/04 – Carling Apollo, Hammersmith

Finn Brothers Neil Nov 2004
Neil Finn

Not a fan, not in the slightest bit. Can’t stand the saccharine sweet safe-rock of Crowded House, but the wife’s a Kiwi, so I agreed. I had bought her the Finn Brothers’ latest album (‘Everyone Is Here’) for her birthday, but it had received somewhat lukewarm reviews from both of us, so I wasn’t really expecting much. The saving grace was that it was in the Hammersmith Odeon (now called the Carling Apollo, but to me and countless other gig goers of the previous two or three decades, will always be known as the Hammy O), first time back there in years, so a bit of a nostalgia trip. Fuck though, for a band I don’t like, they were bloody good. Awesomely tight and professional, fantastic sound (venue more than anything) and I have to say I even enjoyed ‘Always Take The Weather’ or whatever the flipping thing is called. They played loads of stuff I recognized, the better stuff being the Split Enz tunes towards the end, which is always a bit more ‘edgy’ than Crowded House. By the end of the main set, the audience were dancing in the aisles and the place was jumping. Well, bopping anyway.

Finn Brothers ticket Nov 2004


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