The Ordinary Boys + Kaiser Chiefs – 13/10/04 – Electric Ballroom, Camden

The Ordinary Boys’ debut album ‘Over The Counter Culture’ has a couple of crackers on it, and given that they were hyped as the next big thing, I thought I would see if they could cut it live. A painfully young (i.e. school age) and trendy crowd packed out the Electric Ballroom, many of whom had undoubtedly never been to a pop concert before.

The support act, the soon to be mahoosive Kaiser Chiefs, were utterly forgettable, barely raising an eyebrow from the vast majority of the crowd. I would like to say that they were clearly stars in the making, that I was witnessing the start of something great, but alas, no, I paid them next to no attention whatsoever.

So to the main act. They played their album, in its entirety, and 50 minutes later, they were finished. Very average. You can’t expect a new band to play for 90 minutes, but at least they could chuck in a couple of covers to make it stretch to an hour. The title track from ‘Over The Counter Culture’ was alright, but the rest rather uninspiring. Very average indeed.

Ordinary Boys ticket Oct 2004


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