Tokyo Dragons + ?? + Grande Cobra – 12/08/04 – The Windmill, Brixton

Having seen the Tokyo Dragons tear up the Shepherds Bush Empire a couple of months previously, opening up for The Datsuns, I jumped at the chance of seeing them in a pub. And this really was a pub gig – no stage, just about 50 people crammed into the main room of a fairly small pub off the main drag in Brixton. Grande Cobra were from New Zealand, I know that much, but couldn’t tell you anything about what they sounded like. Then there was another band whose name escapes me, but they sounded like QOTSA and did a kicketyass stoner rock version of The Supremes’ ‘You Keep Me Hanging On’.

Then the main act. Bleeding superb. I don’t think they had a record out yet, but they had a single or two, a decent following and a shitload of attitude. The (admittedly very small) pub was crammed by the time they came on, and it became impossible to move from my spot near the front to visit the bar or the pisser. The volume was painful (I think I started wearing ear plugs not long after this) but they were so good and I was so twatted it didn’t matter. I have since obtained Give Me The Fear, and it’s a little bit of a let down to be honest – live they were raw and exciting, on vinyl they are just raw. The tiny wee Phil Datsun was there at the start – not sure if he was checking out his compatriots or the Dragons.

They took my ticket off me and wouldn't give it back :-(


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