The Feelers + The Rifles – 27/08/04 – Shepherds Bush Empire

Feelers ticket Aug 2004I was possibly the only non-Kiwi in the entire crowd – this was a bit of a home from home for them, and the atmosphere was markedly different from the norm. More really drunk people, but silly drunk not aggressive drunk like you’d get at, say, an Oasis gig. First though, a band I’d not heard of at the time, The Rifles. They were bloody great, bashing out a really good up-tempo toe-tappy indie, a bit on the Jam-esque side (or
was it just the name making me think that?), but largely ignored by the crowd.

I had heard a handful of Feelers tracks on CD, and they were passable, rather bland rock, in the mould of Stereophonics, Snow Patrol etc. Very middle of the road. Live, they were pretty much the same, really. The only thing that saved the night was the crowd – such a brilliant atmosphere, never heard such a noise!


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