The Datsuns + Tokyo Dragons – 10/06/04 – Shepherds Bush Empire

Datsuns ticket Jun 2004Promoting the awesome second album (Outta Sight Outta Mind) they scaled up their ambitions and moved to the larger and more salubrious Empire, in the heart of Kiwi territory. It’s a great little theatre, and it was getting on for full.

First though, Tokyo Dragons – a very similar sound to The Datsuns, and very good. They were a bit more ragged, with not such a good selection of songs, but definitely worthy of further investigation. The Datsuns were just as good as the first time I saw them, and they were even tighter and more energetic on stage – superb mixture of Ramones, Stones and AC/DC. The new track ‘Blacken My Thumb’ would soon become one of their stand out live numbers, up there with ‘Harmonic Generator’ and ‘Motherfucker…’ and after two performances, The Datsuns would be promoted to ‘one of the best bands on the circuit right now’ status. Always a fucking blast – go see ’em.


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