Orange Goblin + Grand Magnus + Witchcraft – 15/06/04 – The Garage, Highbury

Orange Goblin ticket Jun 2004Not sure which of the several times I’ve seen Sabbathy-stoner-rockers Orange Goblin this was, but they have always been fucking excellent, and even more excellent when singer Ben Ward hasn’t been totally rat-arsed. If this is the occasion I think it was, the day had started very early, with a lunchtime session in a pub in Woking, watching a Premiership game, followed by Woking v someone equally crap, a few tinnies on the train back up to London, kebab on the Holloway Rd, and completely trolleyed by gig time. Hence, have no recollection of either support act. Would likely have been some doomy grunty outfits. Orange Goblin were good though. They always are. ‘Scorpionica’ is usually the pick of the bunch, and I rarely remember the end of the gig…


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