Goodshirt – 19/09/03 – Clapham Grand

Goodshirt ticket Sep 2003Evidently a moderately popular and successful band back home in New Zealand, Goodshirt had come over to Britain in an attempt to ‘break’ Europe. The Clapham Grand was an odd choice of venue, as it was normally a disco (complete with Saturday Night Fever style flashy lighty up dancefloor), but I guess Clapham Junction was a popular place for antipodeans. Would probably have been better in the Walkabout though, given the size of the crowd that showed up.

Goodshirt do a quirky brand of upbeat synthy new wave indie pop, like the Cars meets Pixies. The lead singer, Rodney, is butt-ugly, but oozes charisma, and can certainly hold a note, but the star of the show is Gareth Thomas the keyboardist. Not Gareth Thomas from Blakes’ 7, a much younger and more handsomer one. The band doesn’t have a bassist, but Gareth plays the basslines on one keyboard, whilst playing lead lines on another and sharing the vocal duties. Fantastic multi-tasking. Their signature track, ‘Green’ is intrinsically flawed in that it clocks in at under 3 minutes – it’s a proper corker and it was all over far too quickly. Unfortunately, I watched the latter part of the gig sat at the back, head in hands (a ‘bad pint’ episode) and proceeded to vomit in the doorway of Arding & Hobbs whilst waiting for the bus home. I am a class act, it has to be said.


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