Electric Six – 15/05/03 – Astoria, London

As novelty acts (is that a bit mean?) go, Electric Six have quite a bit of talent behind them. ‘Gay Bar’ had just come out, and they were on Top Of The Pops and all over Smash Hits (I imagine), so the crowd was quite young and trendy (and really fucking ignorant of gig etiquette – if I stand in front of you, tough shit, move to the side little girl, this is a rock gig not the Smash Hits Poll Winner Party).

 Electric Six ticket May 2003

Live, Electric Six were seriously heavy, much heavier than on’t wireless, like. Really good fun, with a frenetic moshpit, loadsa crowd surfing and a great atmosphere. I didn’t have the album at the time so I only knew ‘Danger! High Voltage’ and ‘Gay Bar’ but all their other tracks were equally catchy and very likeable. They had really cool names too, like Dick Valentine and Surge Joebot. Shame they didn’t last the distance, although that was equally due to the well publicized infighting as the ‘novelty’ effect.


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