No Mercy Fest feat. Testament + Death Angel + Nuclear Assault – 08/04/03 – Astoria, London

The main reason for going to this gig was Nuclear Assault. I’d had a couple of Testament and Death Angel albums years before, but I hadn’t heard them for ages. Nuclear Assault though, I’d seen 15 or so years previously, I had all their stuff and they had been a much bigger part of my life. Fuck me what a disappointment. Singer, guitarist, front man John Connelly was an utter disgrace – pissed out of his head and all over the place, and it sounded like thir man on the sound desk was also pissed (and wearing boxing gloves), or they had blown half the PA during the sound check. Actually, it was probably both, come to think of it. It almost brought a tear to my eye to witness such a shambles. I think even Dan Lilker was cringeing at how bad it was. Very poor.

No Mercy Fest ticket Apr 2003

But hoo-fucking-rah for Death Angel, talk about saving the day, eh? They were bloody brilliant. Seriously tight and had clearly been getting better and better since the good old days, rather than self-destructing in a wash of Jack Daniels. Amazing sound, (so clearly Nuclear Assault had been even worse than I had given them credit for). Death Angel was totally how thrash metal should be played. Simply must get the new album, darlings. Testament were not as good – I never liked Chuck Billy’s gruff voice, and they were not in the same league as Death Angel. Not at all bad though.


2 thoughts on “No Mercy Fest feat. Testament + Death Angel + Nuclear Assault – 08/04/03 – Astoria, London

    • bytorandthesnowdog February 24, 2011 / 9:01 am

      Nice work! great blogcast. I’ve not heard of Crystalic, but will definitely investigate further. I very much doubt if they’ll ever come to NZ though…

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