Slayer – 16/07/02 – Astoria, London

Whoa there. Easy tiger. Slayer, one of the greatest thrash metal bands ever to have been, and they’re playing the Astoria?! In ’88 they were selling out the Hammersmith Odeon. Oh how have the mighty fallen. Still, that means that I get to see Slayer, like I said one of the greatest thrash metal bands ever to have been, in the Astoria. Nice one!

Slayer ticket Jul 2002

I’ve never seen the Astoria so full – must have been an absolute sell out. No room to move, nobody wanted to be upstairs, so it was almost impossible to get through the doors into the main downstairs bit. No idea who supported, left no mark on me. Slayer were back to their classic line-up and were bruuuutal. I have been in some violent moshpits in my time, but this was really something. Massive tattooed skinheaded types, stripped to the waist and looking extremely menacing as they beat the crap out of each other, and me. However, bizarrely enough, it was the friendliest moshpit too – each time I was knocked down, a massive tattooed arm would reach down and pull me to my feet again! I didn’t last the entire gig in there though, I’m not nearly fit enough! I escaped to the comparatively un-crowded upper circle.


One thought on “Slayer – 16/07/02 – Astoria, London

  1. Matt Robinson July 26, 2010 / 9:48 am

    The whole of the downstairs of the Astoria was one seething moshpit. Even those with their backs pinned to the bar were sporadically dragged in. This was alos one of the hottest gigs I have ever experinced. When I too escaped to the upper circle towards the end of the gig I took my sodden T-shirt off and managed to squeeze two pints of sweat out. (I know this to be accurate as I squeezed said sweat into two empty Astoria plastic pint cups)! For anyone who knows me, the image of this is actually even grosser than it sounds.

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