Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – 24/11/01 – Brixton Academy

Joe Strummer ticket Nov 2001I’m really only an occasional Clash fan, I know all the hits, that’s about it. I had heard that Joe Strummer still did a few Clash tracks live, so I figured it was worth a punt. He was surrounded by a fairly large backing band, The Mescaleros, and although his new stuff was undoubtedly quite good, and the band pretty tight, you could count the number of people who weren’t there to hear The Clash on the fingers of one hand. This was a bit of a shame really, as it was obvious that he really believed in what he was doing (and you would, wouldn’t you?), and really wanted people to like the new stuff, but each new track was almost audibly greeted with a groan of disappointment. Finally, he launched into ‘I Fought The Law’ and the Academy went wild, much to his chagrin I suspect. Poor fucker. Still, I’m as guilty as the rest of them. He was dead a year later too…


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