Homelands – 26/05/01 – The Bowl, Matterley Estate, Winchester

As I promised several entries earlier, I am no longer in the business of writing about raves. However, I just had to get in a little rant about Ian Brown. 

Ian Brown was utter shite. He just can’t sing. Period. He has provided brilliant vocals on possibly the best album of the last century (The Stone Roses, in case you are some class of numpty), but clearly only with considerable help from whatever technology it is that makes flat voices sound tuneful. I like his solo stuff too, but honestly it was painful to hear him groan and drone his way through them. He must be tone deaf, there is no other explanation. It was only slightly less teeth-grindingly awful than how my two year old would sound playing the violin. If I let her. I had to leave the tent pretty sharpish like, before he attempted ‘I Am The Resurrection’. He is NOT the resurrection, he’s a very naughty boy.

Homelands ticket May 2001


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