Hawkwind + Shamanic Tribes On Acid – 25/03/01 – Croydon Fairfield Halls

Actually attended this gig in my capacity as ‘roadie’ to the support act, a very good friend of mine. My onetime dream of being a roadie had long since disappeared (since actually being in a band and realizing how heavy music gear is) but I jumped at the chance of possibly meeting Hawkwind, so I agreed to carry some shit from the van into the Fairfield Halls (where, incidentally, they have all manner of goods lifts and trolleys to make the job super easy). Of any kind of classic lineup, only Dave Brock remained and the rest of them were gophers even younger than me, but he was Mr Hawkwind. Anyway, I have to report that they were pretty uninspiring – I watched one of my all-time favourite bands from the wings, and was mighty disappointed. If ever a band could be said to be going through the motions, it was Hawkwind. And I never got to meet Brock either, as were distinctly not into mingling with their support act. Actually, drummer Richard Chadwick was quite friendly, and brought us the remains of their rider, but it rather brought home the wisdom in the old adage ‘never meet your heroes’.

They took my ticket off me and wouldn't give it back :-(


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