Iron Maiden + Slayer – 16/06/00 – Earls Court, London

There had to be a pretty good reason to go to Earls Court for a gig in thems days. Iron Maiden, unfortunately, wasn’t it. I have a sneaky suspicion that it was only the promise of seeing Slayer for the first time that convinced me it would be a good idea to go. They saved the day really – despite suffering from a terrible sound (does anyone sound good in Earls Court?) they were pretty mental. I was a fan of everything up to Seasons In The Abyss, and they played enough classics to keep my highly entertained. South of Heaven was the highlight for me.

 Iron Maiden ticket Jun 2000

Anyway, I should have known better about Maiden really – after a dozen songs, I had only recognised two, I think, and it dawned on me that more than half their career had happened after I stopped buying their records. I just don’t have time for the new stuff, I really don’t. I was there to hear 1980-88 and nothing else, but they seemed to be concentrating on the decade following. I’m sure they played some oldies in the encore, but I’d flounced off in disgust by that point, I’m afraid. I think it was the pantomime Eddie lurching on stage like a baddie out of Scooby Doo that tipped the balance. Hmmm, it seems I had something of a penchant for slinking out before the end of a gig if it wasn’t entirely to my liking…


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