Porcupine Tree – 08/11/99 – Scala, London

A considerably less salubrious venue to the last place I had seen PT, The Scala is in the middle of Kings Cross, and possibly the scummiest place to see live music. It’s very small and dark, and the security staff are a little on the zealous side, probably because they are more used to preventing So Solid Crew fans from smuggling firearms into gigs.

Porcupine Tree ticket Nov 1999

I’ve always been mystified by Porcupine Tree’s minimal popularity in the UK, because on the continent they play much larger venues. They are feckin’ huge in Italy for some reason. Anyway, at least I get to see them in poky little dives like The Scala.

The set this time included a few from the forthcoming ‘Lighbulb Sun’, which seemed to be heading PT in an even more poppy direction, in particular ‘Four Chords That Made A Million’. Not a great song really, too poppy for PT. The crowd had been baying for ‘Radioactive Toy’ since about the 3rd song in, and Steven Wilson retorted, jokingly I thought, that he wasn’t going to play it. We waited and waited though, and he still didn’t play it. Perhaps it was going to be the encore. However, as the encores came and went, and didn’t turn out to include ‘Radioactive Toy’, the realisation that he was being serious earlier, hit me and the other 3-400 expectant souls. The bastard. Went down in my estimation ever so slightly as a result of that. Bleeding rock stars and their ‘artistic ideals’. I arsks you.


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