Stormtroopers Of Death – 04/07/99 – Astoria 2

Scotty Ian and Dan Lilker were drinking in the bar with the fans before this one – no rock star egos on show in S.O.D. that’s for sure. They basically played the whole of ‘Speak English Or Die’, which I hadn’t heard in around 10 years, and in that small venue at the volume they were kicking it out, most of the tracks were pretty much indistinguishable from one another. Even so, there was an excellent atmosphere and they played with real vigour. Vim even.

SOD ticket Jul 1999

I was never sure quite how to take ‘Speak English…’ – still can’t really decide if it is offensive, tongue in cheek or a bit of both. Good natured crowd though and no evidence of the far-right as far as I remember. I was always going to go away satisfied as long as they played ‘Kill Yourself’, which they duly did. He’s a nasty piece of work though, isn’t he, that Milano fellow?


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