Supergrass + Hurricane #1 – 14/05/97 – Brixton Academy

Could only get seats for this one, and that put a real downer on it. You get a great view and everything, but you want to jump around to a band like Supergrass, not sit there tapping your feet. The security staff at Brixton are extremely keen you sit down for the entire concert, to the point of ejecting persistent standers. So, we sat down like good boys and girls, and watched all the lucky standers downstairs jumping up and down and having a good time. It may already have become apparent, but I’m not really one for watching support acts unless I really like them, so Hurricane #1, I’m afraid, join the long list of  bands that can be summed up by the phrase ‘I was in the bar’.

Supergrass ticket May 1997

Supergrass, on the other hand, were great. Gaz is really talented, and for a three piece, they really fill the stage and create a lot of energy. I only knew the greatest hits and all that, and as long as they played ‘Caught By The Fuzz’ I would go home happy. Which they did. Just don’t see Suprgrass if you have to sit down the whole way through, is all.


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