Metallica + Corrosion Of Conformity – 12/10/96 – Earls Court

Near enough seven years from when it all started for me, I was going to see them again. Metallica were touring the abomination (OK, perhaps too strong, let’s go for ‘disappointment’) that is ‘Load’, and were by now absolutely colossal, so there was no chance of seeing them in a venue as er, small and er, intimate, as the Hammy O again. I’d been to Earls Court for the Royal Tournament and the Ideal Homes Exhibition and probably some other non-rock event, but this was the first time for a gig. It’s fucking huge man, a good few thousand more capacity than Wembley Arena even. Needs must though…

Metallica ticket Oct 1996

Didn’t see COC, as the bars were woefully under-manned and we were awfully thirsty. Took our seats for the main men, and they were pretty bad seats too – very high up and way to the side. Still, I was about to see Metallica again, so mustn’t grumble. They opened up with Anti-Nowhere League’s delightful little ditty, ‘So What’ and then played a decent enough set, not too much new stuff, and whole buncha classics. They lost quite a few marks for playing a medley though. Shock! Horror! There is never a right time in a career to start playing medleys for fuck’s sake. Especially several songs from Kill ‘Em All and Ride The Lightning. I was so shocked I dropped my pint over the balcony. Enough said about the medley though. They did Breadfan and Overkill as the encore, which went some way to redeeming the situation, but it was never going to be as good as that magical night in 1988. Good, but too much to live up to.


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