Senser – 11/05/94 – Southampton Uni Student Union

Senser ticket May 1994Another great booking by the Ents. people. This would have been the height of Senser’s popularity, and the place was rammed. They were really focusing on the guitars now, and the DJ scratchy bloke at the back hardly got a look in – I think he was just there to make them look ‘street’. The usual piss-artist drunken twat student antics got in the way once again, as we had to nip outside for a brief interlude while the Hampshire Fire Brigade came round to deal with yet another knobhead setting off the fire alarm. For some reason, once back inside, the crowd started chanting ‘One Matt Le Tissier…’ (this was 1994, when Southampton’s demi-God was in contention for goal of the month on MOTD pretty much every month). Heitham, Senser’s diddy rapper, disgraced himself by saying ‘who?’. ‘How to lose the crowd’ 1.01 methinks.


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