New Model Army – 02/07/93 – Zeleste 2, Barcelona

New Model Army flyer Jul 1993Zeleste was the tiny side room attached to the venue in which I had seen Maiden a few months previously. It was really tiny, about the size of the T&C2 in London. I was astounded by the number of ‘Family’ milling around outside beforehand – a lot were English, presumably following the Army round Europe for their summer holidays, but there were loads of locals wearing clogs and combats too. They (¿La Familia?) were easy to spot though because they arrived on mopeds. That sort of thing just wouldn’t happen in Bradford…

The band started up with an electric version of ‘Get Me Out’ and played a very punky set, going down extremely well. I hadn’t heard anything since ‘Impurity’, and they plundered the later album(s) quite heavily. I had no idea they had any type of following in Spain, especially in safe, conservative Catalunya, but the crowd were just as fanatical as any they would attract in the UK, complete with violent moshpit and ‘standing on shoulders arms outstretched’ malarkey. Justin ingratiated himself with the crowd by declaring, in pidgin Spanish, ‘the only good fascist is a dead fascist’. In a country with such a recent and bloody connection with fascism, this was always going to be a dramatic statement to make, and I was relieved that a) the crowd had understood his mangled sentiment and b) the Spanish Family share the political idealism of their British brethren, not necessarily a shoo-in in Spain, I might add. Bloody brilliant.

New Model Army ticket Jul 1993


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