Chumbawamba + Credit To The Nation + The Sea – 16/10/93 – Southampton Uni Student Union

Chumbawamba ticket Oct 1993Chumbawamba on my home turf? Well done Ents. Soc, this is what we like to see. Way better than Dumpys Rusty Nuts and way, way better than the usual tosh that gets booked.

The Sea? Oh well, if you insist. I expect I was in the bar for their set. I can’t remember if Credit played a set of their own first, all I remember was Chumbawamba to be honest. They done all the hits, Timebomb, Enough Is Enough, Bigmouth Strikes Again etc etc, were very very good up close and personal, unlike in the (relatively) cavernous Academy. Also, was the classic lineup featuring Danbert Nobacon, Alice Nutter etc. Danbert pulled one out of the bag at the end by donning a spangly gold showbiz blazer for the encore, as they finished with a fantastic version of How To Get Your Band On Television. Great stuff. Shortly after this, they scored big with Tubthumping and went all mainstream and decidedly un-anarchic, so it was good to see them while they still had some semblance of values…


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