John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett – 24/09/92 – Town & Country Club 2

Went to this gig because my girlfriend’s Dad liked John Otway. I knew a bit about him (Otway, not the gf’s pa, although he was a good bloke) and could name a couple of songs but had not knowingly heard any. Otway was preceded by a sort of folksy band with accordion, can’t remember who but I bought their tape I liked them that much. I want to say it was the Black Velvet band but I could be mistaken. I spent a large portion of the 90s being somewhat mistaken…

Otway & Barrett ticket Sep 1992

Anyway, Otway and Barrett were, as I had suspected, good pub-rock fare, nothing more. The more ‘mature’ gentlemen in the audience loved it (average age way past 40) but he’s not one of those performers that bridges the generation gap, I don’t think he means a great deal to those that weren’t there in the 70s. Entertaining enough though, especially when he made his forehead bleed by whacking himself with the mic in ‘Headbutts’. Oh, and Wild Willy Barrett’s guitar was very cool, a sort of carved wooden sculpture with strings, the sort you might find in a craft shop in Glastonbury.


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