Iron Maiden + Numeros Rojos – 29/03/93 – Zeleste, Barcelona

Iron Maiden ticket Mar 1993I was on an extended holiday from most guitar music at the time, especially metal, but Maiden were playing in a small club walking distance from my apartment, so I couldn’t really turn down the chance. It would be a contrast to the dreaded Wembley Arena at the very least.

Iron Maiden flyer Mar 1993There was the additional attraction that this was Bruce Dickinson’s farewell tour. The club held a few hundred at most, and as the Spanish are, to a man, a bunch of shortarses, I could stand wherever I liked and get a perfect view. I think I was a bit too cool to get right down the front, but even standing at the back, I got a great view of my one-time metal heroes doin’ their stuff. Set list was fairly predictable, and as this was only a couple of years since I’d stopped buying their records, there was probably only one or two albums that I wasn’t initimately acquainted with. No idea about the support act though.

Iron Maiden press advert Mar 1993


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