Radical Dance Faction + Basti + Senser – 03/04/91 – The Marquee Club

RDF flyer Apr 1991My first visit to the legendary Marquee in Charing Cross Road (now, sadly, a Wetherspoon’s Pub). It was a cracking little venue, really small dancefloor, 2 or possibly 3 balconies and a great view and sound from everywhere. Senser came on first, and they were electric. Really energetic rap-rock, with male and female vocals, flute and DJ scratchy scratchy scr-scr-scr-scrrrratchy in the background. Very good for the first act of three, and a band I would go to see on numerous future occasions. Basti were next, but I remember nothing. They were from Norwich, so would probably have had a comedy yokel singer and songs about Morris dancing etc.

RDF Sounds advert Apr 1991

RDF (all 8 of them) took to the stage and proceeded to skank the Marquee to the ground. They are intense in a small venue like that – Chris Bowsher the 6ft6 dread ex-con ex-junkie vocalist is just so imposing, it’s frightening. I saw him walking down the Charing Cross Rd before the gig, the crowds parted in front of him like the Dead Sea. Anyway, this was the whole of Borderline Cases and a few older ones. Fantastic

RDF ticket Apr 1991


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