Dr Brown + Paperhouse – 17/03/91 – Southampton University Ballroom

Paperhouse flier Mar 1991The debut perfomance of the er, classic mk II line-up of Paperhouse. Twas a charity gig in aid of our large and helpless blubbery friends, and we managed to get on the bill through a friend who happened to work with the bassist out of Dr Brown.

This very stage had, in the past, been trodded by such luminaries as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Procul Harem, Genesis, Dire Straits amongst others, so no standards to live up to there then! The other three members of Paperhouse had all gigged extensively but this was my stage virginity on the line here (not counting the school Nativity play). I was quite nervous, to say the least – I’m really not that comfortable with the spotlight on me (in as much as the bassist in an instrumental band actually gets the spotlight), and the fact that the sparse crowd was mostly my friends and associates made it even worse. I would be forced to endure a not inconsiderable amount of mickey-taking if it all went pear shaped.

Paperhouse live Mar 1991
Paperhouse - Tie-dyed R Us

It all went swimmingly however, as we were really well-rehearsed, and anyway, fuzzy psychedelic space rock jams sound pretty well, fuzzy, at the best of times. A few hardy souls (not friends of ours or plants) even tore themselves away from the chairs round the side of the room, got down and grooved towards the end of our set, which was nice to see. Paperhouse ticket Mar 1991

There actually exists aVHS record of the whole set, but (lack of) technology prevents me from posting it here (or indeed playing it ever again, probably) because I haven’t owned a VHS player for some years now. We played about 10 songs if I recall correctly, most of which would end up on the seminal Spongey Comestibles (no longer available in any shops, kids) and went down reasonably well for an unknown support act doing its first gig. Over the course of the 10 or so gigs I played with Paperhouse, the nerves never really went away…


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