Ozric Tentacles + Magic Mushroom Band + Mandragora + Felo De Se + Triptych + Dr Brown – 20/10/90 – Hastings Pier

Another night of psychedelic nonsense attracting all the dreads in Surrey and Hampshire. Ozrics were great as usual, so were the Mushroom band and Mandragora. No idea about the others, except to say that the guitarist from Dr Brown had an exteme personal hygiene problem. I don’t think he had seen a bar of soap since the late 60s.

Ozric Tentacles flyer Oct 1990

I was getting to recognize quite a few of the crowd at these events, there was one guy who turned up in costume every time – tonight he was dressed as a First World War British Army Officer, complete with service revolver and swagger stick. I had previously seen him dressed as Lawrence of Arabia and a Crimean-era Cavalry Soldier too. Spent night shivering outside Hastings Station and took about 8 hrs to get home (back to Southampton) due to the trains being replaced by buses, and the buses being replaced by smaller buses etc etc. Must take sleeping bag next time.


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