Ozric Tentacles + Dave Howard Singers + Thunderdogs + Andrew Cunningham + Lost T-Shirts Of Atlantis – 15/09/90 – Uni. London Union

Club Dog ticket Sep 1990They were bloody excellent, definitely one of the best times I saw them. Thunderdogs (another Ozrics off-shoot) had been good, as had Dave Howard Singers who have to take the prize for the crappest name in psychedelic rock,  but I humbly hold my hand up and say I must have been in the bar for the other support bands. Ozrics were just electric though. Great little venue, so it was easy to get right up in front of the stage, where I  watched Roly the mental bassist intently from close range. I didn’t realise then that he actually suffered from mental problems, I just thought he was always off his face whenever I saw them. He was probably both anyway. The highlight this time round was the Steve Hillage classic, Om Riff, which they improved immeasurably. Spent the rest of the night laughing hysterically on the floor of Euston Station too, which is another story entirely.

Club Dog Sounds advert Sep 1990


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