Hawkwind + Radical Dance Faction – 09/11/90 – Southampton Mayflower Theatre

Another cracking sit down venue, used to panto and Des O’Connor rather than smelly hairy yoghurt-knitters. RDF were the best I’d seen them, they had recruited a fairly well-built black lass for backing vocals, and she had a cracking voice. It was also the first time I’d seen them play for longer than half an hour, and in their full 45 min support slot they played just about everything I knew, including a somewhat bizarre version of ‘Dirty Old Town’.

Hawkwind ticket Nov 1990

This was the first tour with Bridget Whishart (formerly of the Hippy Slags), and they had at some stage since I last saw them, lost Harvey Bainbridge, Danny Thompson and Simon House. The new drummer, Richard Chadwick was a solid pounder in the mould of Simon King but I really wasn’t taken with the new singer. Hawkwind just doesn’t sound quite right with a female vocalist, but luckily she only sang about half the songs. Space Bandits was heavily plundered (this being the Space Bandits tour) and her vocals were OK on those, as well as ‘Back In The Box’ but it did sit a bit oddly her doing the back catalogue stuff. She brought nothing to the sound, definitely not an improvement.

Hawkwind Sounds advert Nov 1990


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