Daevid Allen + Here & Now – 16/12/90 – Town & Country Club 2

Here & Now + Daevid Allen flyer Dec 1990First visit to what would soon be one of my favourite London venues. So small and intimate, you could stand at the bar and still see and hear perfectly. Didn’t know much about Here & Now, bar ‘Give and Take’ but I’d been told they were well past their best, even ‘sold out and gone soft’. They were actually a nice surprise, not really an ‘alternative’ band anymore, but they seemed to have adopted a pop-rock style, with a little reggae thrown in for good measure, a little like The Police meets late 80s Rush. Steffy Sharpstrings (the guitarist, naturally) really impressed me with his use of effects, in fact I don’t think I’d ever seen so many pedals in one set up. The boy could play too. Daveid Allen is a strange cookie, and no mistake. A six foot beanpole, in his 60s or 70s, wearing a lycra bodysuit is an odd site to behold. He played a lot of classic stuff, Flying Teapot,  The Isle of Everywhere etc. Here & Now + Daevid Allen Sounds advert Dec 1990He jumped into the crowd and made me dance with him, the weirdo. I saw him years later buying lentils in a Glastonbury healthfood store. The weirdo.

Here & Now + Daevid Allen ticket Dec 1990


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