Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine -13/10/90 – Eastpoint Centre, Southampton

Never heard of them, but it was my second week at Uni and a bunch of geezers from my halls of residence were going, so thought I’d go along for a squiz, and also not to be left home on a Saturday night like Billy No-Mates.

Fuckin load of old cobblers if you ask me. The Eastpoint Centre, Thornhill, is a shabby old community centre in the middle of one of the most dire sink estates in the whole of Hampshire, where students do not generally venture, unless they are specifically looking for a kicking. I certainly didn’t look like I lived in Thornhill, and neither did any of the people I was with, so we ran the gauntlet from the bus stop to the er, venue. Cheap beer was about the only thing the place had going for it. There was a support act, but I have no idea who. By the time Carter came on, the place was about a quarter full at best, and as I believe I mentioned, they were a load of old cobblers. A novelty act, really, although they did go on to be very popular for some unfathomable reason.

They took my ticket off me and wouldn't give it back :-(


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