The Monkees + Seven – 25/03/89 – Royal Albert Hall

Bit of a departure from the norm, it has to be said. Not entirely sure I know why I went really, some friends were going and I used to love the TV series, but I should have known it didn’t have a chance of competing with my ‘usual’ gigs. The Albert Hall is a fantastic venue, really amazing piece of architecture and undoubtedly the most grandiose place I’ve ever been to hear live music, but the sound is surprisingly poor. I guess it suits classical music rather than rock. The bar was exorbitantly expensive too, I guess they were more used to selling wine at the interval in Opera and that.

The Monkees ticket Mar 1989

Seven were so forgettable, that I er, don’t remember anything at all about them. I may even have missed them entirely, I cannot say. The Monkees, unfortunately, were pretty forgettable too. For starters, it was only three of them (Mike Nesmith not interested) and obviously they played all their hits, but it was more akin to a Christmas panto than a serious gig. It was quite pathetic, really, watching balding middle aged men chase each other round the stage in a ‘comedy’ fashion, certainly to an angst-ridden teenage metal fan. Best forgotten about, really.


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