The Damned + Doctor & The Medics + God And The Kill Crazy Lesbians From Hell – 23/12/89 – Brixton Academy

I signed up for this gig partly because a bunch of mates were going, partly because this was allegedly The Damned’s farewell gig, partly because Doctor & The Medics were support act, and only partly because I liked The Damned. I’m a massive fan of the later stuff, Phantasmagoria and all the gothy stuff, but this was the original ’77 line up (Vanian, Scabies, James, Sensible), so it was likely to be just the early punk stuff, which I find considerably inferior to The Sex Pistols, The Clash or The Buzzcocks’ early stuff.

The Damned ticket Dec 1989

Didn’t manage to see God And The Kill Crazy Lesbians From Hell – had never heard of them either, but I thought it might have been another incarnation of Gaye Bikers On Acid. We’ll never know. Didn’t see Doctor And The Medics either, because they fucking cancelled due to illness. Gutted. I thought they were a fantastic band – people only remember them for Spirit In The Sky but they had so much more going for them than that. Not fair.

The Damned Sounds advert Dec 1989

Anyway, The Damned was as I feared, 90 minutes of noise. The awful sound in Brixton probably didn’t help matters, but they were just all over the place. I could hardly pick out anything – I knew most of the hits from back then, but only New Rose was actually distinguishable, and that may well have been because Dave Vanian said ‘this one’s called New Rose’ – I don’t know. They were entertaining enough – Captain Sensible was absolutely trolleyed and came on for the encore completely naked. The sight of an overweight old punk sporting just a beret and sunglasses spitting at the crowd while waving a ukulele in the air is something not many people can say they’ve seen.

They played another ‘last gig ever’ just over a year later, and I believe they have reformed again at least a couple of times in recent years. Punk never dies. Pah.


3 thoughts on “The Damned + Doctor & The Medics + God And The Kill Crazy Lesbians From Hell – 23/12/89 – Brixton Academy

  1. Max Ellis April 26, 2012 / 1:05 pm

    I’m the singer from God and the Crazy lesbians! We were sposed to be on tour with the Damned, did the first gig at Queen Mary College but didn’t turn up for the gig, idea of our ‘manager’ to build a bit of mystique. We fell out shortly afterwards and split up soon after that.

    • Gareth Fox October 24, 2017 / 9:01 pm

      I was there that night and thought yours was the best performance of them all. (obv. you not there)!

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