Iron Maiden + Killer Dwarfs – 11/12/88 – Wembley Arena

Such a good time was had at the Hammersmith show, I hastily ‘borrowed’ my Mum’s credit card and bought tickets for the Wembley Arena date a few days later. As I was to discover over the years, Wembley Arena is just a hangar with appalling acoustics and if you are unfortunate enough to be 5 rows from the very back, up at the side, the sound is shiite and the stage is a very long way away indeed. It was lucky I knew what they looked and sounded like from a few days previously or I would have been left wondering what I’d just seen. Exactly the same set list by both bands (Killer Dwarfs frontman came on riding his trike again, the twat), but even though there were three times as many people as at Hammersmith, the atmosphere just wasn’t the same. Certainly not where I was sitting anyway. This is long before the advent of giant video screens, so you just had to use your imagination to work out what was going on way the fuck over the other end of the hall.

Iron Maiden ticket Dec 1988


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