Aerosmith + The Quireboys – 17/11/1989 – Wembley Arena

I wasn’t a particular fan of Aerosmith, as they were the epitome of nancy boy soft rock, but a girl who I liked was going, and it’s amazing the lengths teenage boys will go to…

Aerosmith ticket Nov 1989

Somehow, we had managed to get amazing seats – row 11 near enough in the middle. In the aircraft hangar that is Wembley Arena, row 11 is pretty fucking near the front. The Quireboys were good, they had only just arrived on the scene, but were all over Kerrang and the mainstream rock press, touted as the next big thing. There was absolutely nothing original about them, just a Stones tribute band from Newcastle really, but they were tight as anything, and really got the crowd going. Perfect choice of support really.

Aerosmith Kerrang! advert Nov 1989

Aerosmith were very very good indeed. This was the Pump tour, and I was really quite impressed with that album (and still listen to it occasionally), despite it being about the most commercial thing I owned. Love In An Elevator was played pretty much every hour on the hour on MTV at the time, and it went down a storm. I was there (ulterior motives aside) to hear the early stuff, as I much preferred the pre-rehab/comeback albums. Toys In The Attic is a classic, and from memory they only played Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion, but it was worth it just for those two. You can tell how Aerosmith have made it to the top of the Stadium Rock genre, Tyler and Perry were probably the two biggest ‘rock stars’ I had ever seen, and the whole show was incredibly slick. No stage set to speak of, just two stadium sized personalities (with twenty odd years’ experience under their belts). And seeing this all from row 11 was pretty cool too.


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