Mr Teenage Metal ManI’m a massive music fan – I love music, I can’t live without music, I’m always listening to music, and if I haven’t got music on the stereo or music on my iPod, I’ve got music playing in my head. Earworms. All the time. It’s like a radio I can’t switch off…

TV I could do without, films I could do without, books I could do without, even the Internet I could do without, but music is my lifeblood. (Pretentious wank alert!) But it’s true though. My CD collection is varied, to say the least – ranging from thrash metal through blues and reggae to hardcore techno and even the odd bit of jazz and classical. I tend to go for the more alternative end of any spectrum, but I’m also a sucker for a good pop tune.

I am also blessed with a phenomenal memory for pointless information, and a devotion to retaining and cataloguing concert tickets that borders on the autistic. All my gig tickets over the years are lovingly mounted in a scrap book – it would be the first (inanimate) thing I’d save in a house fire – and after stumbling across this little gem, I was inspired to commit my thoughts to the web.

Now, for all my debonair charm and rapier wit, I can’t write for shit, so I’ll be the first to admit that the words and stuff are a bit schoolboy. And I only ever take a point-and-click camera to gigs, so where I have included live shots, they’re usually pretty ropey too.

nb This has all been written from memory – no Googling set lists or other stuff. So, there may well be inaccuracies, but tough shit.


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